15-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Hi! I am a fourth grade teacher looking for gently used chapter books. A successful reader always has a large group of books to pull from. If you have a kiddo that has some books they are happy to part with, I am happy to take them. I have visited Half Price, Goodwill, and even Facebook market place with some luck! I would really appreciate it!
14-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
need to transfer some old family movies to the computer and need a projector to do it. also some cassette tapes but need the player.
11-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Anyone has any VCR Vhs players and Vhs movies or shows in working order that they want to get rid of??
11-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
I would like yarn for crochet projects.
10-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
need to build a temporary fence, looking for wire fencing and materials
10-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for mini pumpkins, real or fake.
9-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
I am moving tomorrow and need moving/packing materials today! Anything is appreciated!
I want a used teardrop camper. Have one? Text or call me 1-512-762-2773. Ad number: #362143685 City: Austin, TX Zip: 78645 Price: $500 to $1000
9-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am struggling to buy clothing and shoes for my daughter. If anybody has clothes in size , 4-6t or shoes size 10c that they no longer need, I will gladly love to take them. Thank you !
6-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
I'm a first year teacher in search of some items for my classroom. I'm looking for bean bag chairs, stools, and chapter books. Anything will help!
5-Aug-2018Leander, TX +12 milesItems Wanted
Retired and living on fixed income. Living in an RV park and water heater leaks. Wish to replace with 20 gal htr to place under trailer and pipe into home. Can rebuild old with new element.
4-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Does anyone have any damaged (not holding water) kiddy pools they'd like to part with?
4-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Ours went out and I really don t know how to fix. Looking to replace with something simple, doesn t need to be fancy. I ll even clean it up
2-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Good working order, please
2-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Hi, I am seeking a sewing machine
2-Aug-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for unwanted plant saucers- medium to large size, please. Plants getting bigger!
2-Aug-2018Leander, TX +12 milesItems Wanted
Hello I'm in need of bedding,crates etc to use while I'm fostering furry 4-legged children. Please help if you can it Would be great appreciated...Thank you in advance
31-Jul-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
I know this is a big ask, but I'm recovering from cancer and I've been having a lot of pain. Also, I'm going to be starting massage school in October.
28-Jul-2018Leander, TX +12 milesItems Wanted
Currently living in an RV and water heater sprang a leak. Wish to install a heater under trailer to replace current.
28-Jul-2018Austin, TX +21 milesItems Wanted
Daughter leaving for college in 3 weeks and needs clothes to get messy in Art Class in! Large or Extra Large Men or Women Shirts or Basketball Shorts. Thank you.!
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